In the construction world, it is hard to keep promises as the way construction industry operates. Silo thinking is widespread and there are many unknown unknowns resulting from on-site works. Also, time and budget overruns are very common… However, offsite construction largely eliminates the above problems. Through integrated design and manufacturing, OCCA can deliver projects on time and on budget. OCCA is one of those companies that can deliver offsite projects by utilizing different offsite construction techniques.

East Broadway Residences

Grand Street Residences


East Broadway Residences


Project Description: 7 storey residential building with 10 apartment units.
Type of Offsite Construction: Volumetric Modular Offsite
Location:  Lower East Manhattan, New York City.
Status: Under production

The building consists of 63 volumetric modules and site-built cellar and podium. OCCA Offsite designed and manufactured all volumetric modules:

  • Completed %50 of Design Development stage,
  • Assumed full responsibility over Construction Drawings phase,
  • Collaborated with the Architect of Record (AoR), Engineer of Record (EoR) and Building Code Consultants for ensuring code compliant design and material selection,
  • Coordinated structural, architectural, MEP design disciplines through Autodesk’s REVIT 3D design software,
  • Prepared Bill of Materials (BOM) through submittals,
  • Developed fully coordinated 3D manufacturing drawings per each module,
  • Procured MEP materials & Rough-ins locally or internationally,
  • Managed inbound and out bound logistics,
  • Provided built-in fully finished kitchens, bathrooms, window frames, glazing and doors,
  • Except vertical MEP shafts, installed 90 % of mechanical, electrical and plumbing items,
  • Manufactured and design a core module that incorporates staircases and elevator shaft,
  • Designed and manufactured lifting frames for loading and unloading operations at all phases of door-to-door delivery

Grand Street Residences


Project Description: 6 storey residential building with 12 apartment units
Type of Offsite Construction: Hybrid Offsite, including superstructure, bathroom pods and façade panels.
Location:  Lower East Manhattan, New York City.
Status: Design phase

Building is manufactured and designed as three main components; super structure, bathroom pods and facade panels:

  • Designed and prepared all of the on-site construction and off-site manufacturing documents,
  • Managed all material procurements including both off-site and on-site installed materials,
  • Ensured fully code compliant design and manufacturing through close collaboration with EoR and AoR,
  • Procured materials after getting approvals through RFis and submittals,
  • Coordinated design teams,
  • Prepared Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Developed fully coordinated 3D manufacturing drawings for bathroom pods and façade panels,
  • Assumed full responsibility over in bound and out bound logistics of Hybrid Construction components including bathroom pods, façade panels and steel structure,
  • Prepared project budget and project timeline,
  • Supervised on-site installation of building components, procurement of on-site materials and supervised subcontractors at site.


Project Description: Natural Disaster Relief Home Project is a single family, self-sustaining, volumetric house that is designed to meet housing shortage after disasters of hurricanes.
Type of Offsite Construction: Volumetric Modular Offsite
Location:  Disaster areas
Status: Completed

NDRH modules are self-sustaining and capable of withstanding 200mph winds. Module exterior walls and roof are impact and hurricane proof.

Design and Manufacturing Scope:

  • Designed and manufactured two volumetric house modules including all of the structure and services,
  • Prepared all of the design & manufacturing documents,
  • Managed all material procurements for volumetric units production,
  • Design and manufactured hurricane proof roofing panel system, Double Lock Seam Roof System,
  • Designed and manufactured lifting and handling equipment that will used at all phases of door-to-door delivery