In the construction world, it is hard to keep promises as the way construction industry operates. Silo thinking is widespread and there are many unknown unknowns resulting from on-site works. Also, time and budget overruns are very common… However, offsite construction largely eliminates the above problems. Through integrated design and manufacturing, OCCA can deliver projects on time and on budget. OCCA is one of those companies that can deliver offsite projects by utilizing different offsite construction techniques.

Volumetric modular units are large building elements and once they are brought together at the construction site they form complete buildings without the need for an additional superstructure.

Since its inception, OCCA Offsite set out to become a good example of an offsite construction company that has both design and manufacturing capability for offering construction solutions and products utilizing Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), a term widely used for employing offsite methods for much improved project delivery.

OCCA Hybrid’s components are those ones that have the highest added value in any construction project.
Consequently, good design and quality production of those components contribute a lot to bottom line.