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What does Off-site mean?

Off-site is a modern method of construction where a building or its parts are manufactured and assembled in a factory prior to installation in their final position. Off-site construction distinguishes itself from traditional construction in terms of time to operation, durability, and higher quality. Relocating the on site bathroom building activities to a factory-built environment eliminates unknown unknowns on site. The flexible 3D design and timely production under the factory roof results in efficient project handling.


How does the Off-site method save time?

One of the major benefits of off-site construction is a shortened project delivery time. In the conventional on site construction method, each construction process should follow another in sequence. However, the off-site construction method allows the manufacture of modular bathroom units to start as soon as construction permits are obtained. In contrast with the conventional construction method, the modules are in production when excavation and foundation works are underway.


According to statistics, depending upon the project type and scope of off-site construction, timesaving is believed to be around 30-50% compared to that of conventional construction.

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