General Benefits

Off-site technology is not suitable for all the building typologies and architectural designs, but when it is applied to the right project, the method is very beneficial. The characteristic repetition of modules in buildings like hotels, student accommodation or hospitals enables standardization of manufacturing processes with all its benefits.

Another important factor that makes off-site production a viable option is the number of repetitive wet space units needed by a specific project. When the number of modules required is more than approximately 100 modular units, off-site production becomes a very efficient solution.

Waste material resulting from traditional building techniques


• One point of contact from design to installation
• Faster construction programs for accelerated occupation
• Quick building programs for quick works
• Production exactly in sequence with client requirements eliminating unnecessary delays
• Installation of 20-30 pods per day
• Optimisation of crane use and on site installation time
• Permits night installations to free up the crane during the day for other tasks


• Higher cost savings compared with traditional installation on the worksite
• More than 40 percent savings in labour time
• No qualified labourer required for site installation
• Less wastage and less packaging, meaning less cost and more sustainability


• Guaranteed delivery on a specific date, at a specific cost and with high quality
• Elimination of possible health and safety problems on the worksite


• Each unit includes stand-alone electrical, mechanical and plumbing materials


• Controlled factory conditions, quality control with high standards
• Superior finish and build quality
• Faulty and defective products are detected at the factory instead of on the worksite and are corrected accordingly
• Using 3D design software; all architectural and installation projects are completed at the same time with a single program so time and cost checks are easier and more accurate

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  • OCCA Off-site will participate at the Ecobuild 2015 Exhibition in London. We will be pleased to welcome you at our stand S4016 between the 3rd and 5th of March 2015! eco build
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